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dMagoo Global Surplus Marketplace identifies sellers and buyers of quality surplus "Made For America" products and facilitates sales of such products.

The surplus market is currently fragmented and unorganized. dMagoo Global Surplus Marketplace organizes and gives shape to an otherwise amorphous trade segment. dMagoo utilizes sophisticated AI tools to identify inventory excesses or shortages in different parts of the world, sends alerts, identifies buyers and sellers, facilitates the sale of those surplus goods to finally get those products into the hands of consumers globally.

Value Added Services

dMagoo's value-added suite of products along with affiliates in over 190 countries and 840 cities offers its one stop solution that makes it possible for any size company to access the global markets. dMagoo will enable the redistribution of surplus goods and be a game changer to drive the growth and profitability for our customers. Liquidation can be a thing of the past!

And by enabling products that may otherwise end up in landfills to fulfill the needs of customers elsewhere, dMagoo can contribute significantly to reducing carbon footprint, leading to a cleaner environment.

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All shipping solutions such as customs formalities, inspection, risk management (i.e cargo insurance), warehousing, crating, packaging, labeling, and duty drawback are sold by dMagoo as sales agent for licensed logistics companies.