About Us


dMagoo CEO

I believe that dMagoo Global Surplus Marketplace is a company with a “feel good” character and quality. The inception of dMagoo is based on one simple idea. We in the west discard too much of our perfectly good, surplus products into landfills all the time. I have always believed that these products would have been valued greatly in other parts of the world. Call it, “One man’s surplus is another man’s treasure!”  And the “feel good” part about dMagoo is multi-layered:

Closing the Quality Gap

I believe that we have a truly great business here. dMagoo puts quality "Made For America" products in the hands of people in other countries, thus narrowing the quality gap. dMagoo makes it possible for the global markets to buy quality goods at competitive pricing. This is important where health and safety is concerned.

More Eco-friendly

The other “feel good” aspect of dMagoo is that the redistribution of surplus goods globally reduces the carbon footprint, landfills and helps the environment.

Better information sharing and decision making
dMagoo will use machine learning to quickly and accurately identify inventory excesses or shortages in different parts of the world and make connections with buyers and sellers. In cases of natural calamities like hurricanes, food shortages and other humanitarian needs that require immediate and urgent procurement of products, dMagoo will be able to quickly and accurately identify inventories in different parts of the world to re-route products to newly identified demand areas.

Improved Profitability

And underlying all this, dMagoo offers customers the ability to drive growth and sustainability.

I am excited to see what we can achieve.  Join us in our journey!

Rajmor G. Dias