Country specific product-labeling and compliance

Country specific labeling that maybe required and dMagoo services that help you achieve those requirements. Please double check with local authorities on the full extent of compliance requirements.

  1. International Formatting of Production & Expiration Dating (P&E)
    P&E requirements vary widely from country to country. Only a few countries require a “best before” date. Most require both production and expiration dates, for which some countries need to have these labelled both on the Case & on the product as well.Dates printed are most often required in Day/Month/Year format rather then Month/Day/Year. Julian calendar from Julian day number, this formatting / coding is not acceptable in most countries.
    Changing production line set-up to meet the various P&E formatting for every country can often be time consuming and cost prohibitive. This is especially true for small, new and/or test market where smaller test quantities are required. This maybe the case for smaller dMagoo Global Surplus Marketplace (GSM) customers as well. dMagoo offers this service through a network of third-party service providers in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner to all customers. Domino inkjet printers are used for this purpose. These printers are capable of applying up to 2 lines of text.
  2. Ingredient & Required Information Language Translation
    Many countries require that all ingredients and other product information be listed in the destination countries language. Some require that the name and contact information for the importer be listed on each item and be in the applicable language and some countries require both to be printed. In addition to the legal requirements, ingredient identification in the applicable language makes good marketing sense. In addition, artificial flavorings and color additives can also require special code changes and language translation. Many countries also require the product country of origin not only be on each item but also clearly marked on each outer carton.
  3. Sticker/Label Production & Application
    All translated stickers/labels are sized for the required use and converted to JPG Graphic files. They are then stored in a coded system file for future use. They can then be accessed as required and printed in only the amounts required. The same process is used with customer-supplied stickers/labels. In this case the supplied sticker/label is scanned into the system. This system provides savings in both time and money.
  4. Export Marking to assist in Product Diversion Prevention
    Diversion of product intended for export back into the domestic market can be costly and is often difficult to control. Having cases and/or items marked “For Export Only” or with special “coding” can provide a deterrent to this practice and is an excellent means of tracing product back to the offenders.

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