All countries are facing turbulent times in the wake of exponential spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. DMagoo believes that, Logistics, is a sensitive indicator of the situation of the economy and society.

In these difficult times dMagoo aspires to remain operational for you! As a services platform, our processes have always been digital, automated and rapidly adaptable. We strive to ensure that your transports will continue and that everyone gets the goods they need. For you, this means you will always get the same quality and service that you expect from us.

What’s more, thanks to our worldwide logistics network, we have a lot of up-to-date information on the situation of transport and logistics in the individual countries affected. This information ensures that you are well prepared and can plan your supply chain despite the coronavirus COVID-19.

We are convinced that dMagoo is well prepared for all challenges that are currently waiting for us and those that may still come.

You can rely on us!

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