How it works (Seller)

Who can use dMagoo Global Surplus Marketplace?

  • Sellers who amass excess, distressed or customer-returned merchandise and need a surplus marketplace solution.
  • Sellers changing their business priorities or goals and wanting to sell their surplus through a marketplace solution.
  • Sellers with large unsold quantity of merchandise and who are ready to significantly reduce their asking price to liquidate the goods.
  • Financial or legal institutions needing to expunge any consumer, retail or warehouse assets in possession.
  • Sellers who are incurring heavy warehouse storage costs for their surplus goods and need good surplus marketplace solution to liquidate their stocks.
  • Logistics companies may need to move their stocks of abandoned or repossessed freight and save on their warehousing and related costs.
  • Non-profit organizations and charities that don’t have use for donated items and wish to resell them to convert them into cash.
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