Logistics (Door to Door)

Transportation is continuously changing, and it is essential that your logistics solutions provider arm themselves with best in class people, processes, and technology.

In the event of a confirmed purchase of Merchandise from dMagoo , terms of sale shall be ex works (EXW) unless otherwise negotiated, agreed and confirmed as per the Incoterms 2010. The Parties understand that under EXW terms of sale, the dMagoo merely has to make the Merchandise available, suitably packaged, at the specified location. dMagoo (or its Customer as the case may be) must provide the pickup and transportation and must bear any risk of loss after pick up unless dMagoo added value services are utilized and agreed.

Whether you are looking for total supply chain management solutions or just need to ship your product, we can help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective solution available. Domestic or International, dMagoo can provide a complete supply chain solution for your business.   We combine our numerous in-house assets with our robust outsourced provider networks. Besides reduced transportation costs, our approach also alleviates managers and executives of many potential supply chain issues such as freight routing, rate negotiating, visibility and multiple carrier-coordination tasks, allowing them to focus on their planned objectives. Our strategic partnerships allow for reliable, efficient planning and movement of your product via Land, Rail, Ocean, and Air.

Our highly qualified team specializes in Logistic services will assist you with exceptional service with a fast turnaround.

Shipping Solutions are sold by dMagoo as sales agent for licensed logistics Company